Ask Dr Jerrie

Psychiatrist, Dr Jerrie Bezuidenhout gives advise on how to maintain mental health during the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic time.  Listen to recordings of his radio interviews on Jacaranda 94.2 FM by clicking on the links below:

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Dr Jerrie shares some motivation during lockdown

Watch – Dr Jerrie Bezuidenhout talks about Covid-19, Anxiety and mental health

5 steps to follow to improve mental wellness

“There is currently not a lot we can do. All we can do now is to be home and to make sure that we take care of our wellness,” Dr Bezuidenhout.  According to Dr Bezuidenhout, there are five steps to follow to make sure that you take care of your wellness during the national lockdown.

  1. Helping others
    “Reach out to your family and friends. Video call them to make sure that they are safe. This is a great way to stay connected.”
  2. Exercising
    “Just do something easy at home. It can just be for a few minutes.”
  3. Learning something new
    “Online courses are a great way to get your brain working.”
  4. Play
    “Find creative ways to play with friends and family on social media. Play games or just do challenges with each other.”
  5. Spiritual Grow
    “Connect with your faith in a different way or connect with nature.”

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